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Client Experiences

Please read the testimonials below from many of our satisfied clients:

Friendly and very professional

"I felt comfortable with Helen the first time I met her. She is friendly and very professional and has made me look at and understand things in a different way. Her workplace has always been warm and welcoming and somewhere I have felt relaxed and able to express my feelings. I would recommend her highly"
Nicky (Northwich)

I felt safe in my sessions

"When I first contacted Helen I was at my lowest ebb. I felt no self-worth and suffered with anxiety and depression. I could not see a way out of my situation and simply could no longer function. I felt safe in my sessions with Helen, who was not judgmental and worked through my issues with me at my pace. She explained the physical effects of poor mental health and helped me to understand myself better. She taught me techniques and coping strategies that, for me, had an immediate and lasting effect. For me the world changed from very dull and tiresome to colourful and exciting. I can remember the moment clearly that I realised that I was comfortable in my own skin. It may be a cliché but it was as if a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I owe a debt of gratitude to Helen that mere words cannot explain"
Dawn (Holmes Chapel)

Not judgemental

"Talking through my problems with a skilled professional who was not judgmental helped massively. It's not easy, but it helped me to understand why I thought the way I did and gave me techniques to change this"

Personally and professionally rewarding

"Many thanks for providing me with a CAT Personal Reformulation session – it has been both personally and professionally rewarding and extremely helpful. I have made some changes personally and am much more aware of the TPP in my work as a team member and therapist"
Dr Lesley Taylor, Clinical Psychologist, Stockport

I wouldn't recognise him today

"A massive thank you for the last 16 weeks. When I think back to the person who walked through your door, I wouldn't recognise him today. For the first time in a long time I'm looking forward to my future"
Rick, Northwich

Extremely beneficial

"Supervision with Dr Pickering was extremely beneficial in a case that I was struggling to make sense of. I would definitely use her services again"
Dr S, Educational Psychologist

Back to feeling human again

"Thank you does not seem to say enough for all your help getting me back on my feet and back to feeling human again. All I can say is a very, very big thank you"
Lorraine (Winsford)

Cathartic experience

"The opportunity to really consider how I felt or was feeling is a very valuable one. It is hard on one's own to ask the right questions and consider an answer, but when presented by you, and given time and quiet to mull things over, it was sometimes cathartic and always worthwhile. Sometimes what life throws at us is too much to cope with alone. Here there is a space and a non judgmental therapist to help sort out the mess and to help us to manage situations that we cannot change"

Continuing my professional development

"I meet fortnightly with Helen for CAT supervision of my NHS caseload. I have found her input and guidance incredibly useful in helping me to hone specialist therapist skills and continue my professional development"
Dr N, Clinical Psychologist

I have my confidence back

“I went to see Helen when I couldn’t function normally anymore and my life appeared to be falling apart. Helen helped me to understand what was happening and why, and worked with me to piece my life back together. The life I have now is even better than before my illness. I have my confidence back and an amazing toolkit full of strategies to support me whatever life brings. Helen creates a safe environment where trust is implicit. An amazing, non judgmental professional who I will be eternally grateful to”
Michelle (Warrington)

Warm, empathic and professional

“Helen was warm, empathic and professional, taking time to understand my experiences and the issues most important to me. Helen’s open and non judgmental manner allowed me to reflect upon my own ‘patterns’ to make some valuable changes in the way that I think about things”
Becky (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)

Encouraging and reassuring
“When I came to see Helen, my anxiety had reached an unprecedented level and I felt I just could not cope anymore. Helen gave me all the tools I needed to deal with my issues – from explaining to me the physiological symptoms caused by panic, to giving me “homework” to work on in-between sessions. She was always encouraging and reassuring. I have come a long way and am so grateful to her”
Alex (Northwich)

Authentic and compassionate
“I saw Helen for a 16 session training CAT. I was in a place where I was very sad and dissatisfied with my life and felt very stuck and pessimistic about change. Helen was authentic and compassionate allowing me to feel safe and for us to build a relationship where she was able to challenge me and encourage me to think, feel and behave differently. My therapy with Helen has impacted significantly and has enabled me to make changes in my life needed for me to be happy. I highly recommend her”
Dr H (Clinical Psychologist/CAT practitioner)



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